Visi sūtījumi ar LP Exprespastu līdz durvīm ar kurjeru! Piegāde iekļauta cenā! Ja vēlies džemperi izņemt pats, raksti mums - gaidīsim Andrejsalā! Standarta piegāde 2 - 3 darba dienu laikā!

Designing this sweater, we were very much inspired by the boxing world. We wanted something that wouldn’t restrict movement but would still keep you warm. We’ve incorporated a large double-lined hood with extra seams to keep the string in place. It’s perfect if you want to look athletic but are tired of slim-fit designs.

Model is "199" wearing size Xl

Batwings Hoodie / Latvietis / color MILDA

49,99 €Price
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