With laser focus to attention to details, We will continuously "Pamper" our hoodies until we reach a Mastery. It's our Craft, Our passion, Our Love and we will strive  to reach the point, where one day we will be in conversation for arguably worlds Greatest hoodie.

Being a national handball champion and one of the best new boxers of the 1950s, my grandfather seemed to be able to conquer anything. However, life did not always go according to plan, and he found himself in an unwanted situation, having to ask for help to be able to care for his children and grandchildren. Even so, grandfather is the type of person who has always wanted to leave behind a legacy that he, and his descendants can be proud of.

I think that’s why God gave us such a strong bond - so that grandpa, with his experience and obstinacy, and me with my energy and youth, could create something lasting. And so, together, we created this brand!

Our story is about family and respecting our grandparents.

Thank you for always standing by me, not only as a grandfather, but also as a father!

With love, your grandson Aleksandrs!

 / grandson / aleksandrs@begrandfather.com
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