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T shirts

produced in Latvia

companies / teams / federations / organizations / educational institutions

Why choose our t-shirts?
1, Quality fabric (from long cotton fibers, not leftovers)
2. Men's, women's, unisex and children's models available
3. It is possible to produce fabric according to a specific PAN shade of colors
4. It is possible to modify the collar / with a stitched edge, or with "stretchy" material
5. T - shirt hemline - extended
6. Production time from 2 to 3 weeks
7. There are no minimum volumes set for specific sizes
8. It is also possible to produce an identical product for the next season, so as not to differ from the existing ones!
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Standard colors
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* Prices for t-shirts from 13 eur + VAT
*Screen printing from 2 eur + VAT
*Digital printing - on request
* Izausata label - starting from 1 eur/pc

Frequently asked questions
* Is it possible to sew t-shirts of my own design?
We did not offer such an option - we only produce models that are in our product range
* What colors do you recommend for T-shirts?
Black, gray, white.
* Is it possible to choose fabric of different thickness for T-shirts?
We offered fabrics from 120 to 220 g/m2 and we will recommend which ones will best suit your project.
* What is the minimum order?
Our production process is continuous, so if the color you choose matches the products that are   produced - we can also sell you one t-shirt!
If it is a special color that you have chosen, then the minimum quantity is 20 sweaters
*Is it possible to choose different sizes?
The customer can choose any size, without restrictions!
*Which print do you recommend?
We usually recommend SCREEN PRINTING to our customers
* Is it possible to produce 500 t - shirts
Yes, there is no volume limit
* What is the execution time?
Production time -  including printing or embroidery service usually takes 2 to 3 weeks
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